Election & Voting Activism

DNC and RNC Convention Demonstrations
DNC: U.S. Marines/Iraq War Veterans Marching to
End the War

DNC: CodePink protester is slammed to the ground by police in Denver

DNC: Organized Protest on Eve of Convention

DNC: Police Trap Peaceful Protesters

RNC: Code Pink Demonstrators interrupt John McCain's acceptance speech
RNC: Code Pink Demonstrators interrupt Sarah Palin's acceptance speech

RNC: Police Arrest NPR's Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman talks about her arrest

RNC: Veterans for Peace Demontrating
against McCain

RNC: Protesters from both sides of the great American divide meet in St. Paul
Minneapolis Police Seize Sustainable Living Bus (read Starhawk's report about this incident)

RNC: "Police are acting like Nazis"says Michelle Gross whose was arrested without being charged.

RNC: Slideshow of Demonstrations set to music.
RNC: Pretty Disturbing images and stories
The Right to Assemble: ACLU on RNC police action
USA Reality - RNC 2008, Jailed Protesters