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World Peace Experiment
We are seeking 80,000 people
to join a worldwide experiment
to create peace through a shift in consciousness. 
It costs no money and takes only seconds a day...

"through" Linda LoCastro
lindalocastro at  •  970 946-7352

A peaceful tactic to begin manifesting a new world is to visualize the world we would like to live in....doing this every day for five to fifteen minutes. As many of you are aware, this is a powerful "action" to take "together."

As you begin, you may want to light a candle, and see yourself connecting as a Light with all the other Lights of the world who are of like mind and heart.

If you feel more comfortable just reading these manifestations once or twice a day, that "action" will still help create a resonant energy field with others.

That energy field will create changes in the world.

You may add your own thoughts to the following suggested list.....also, if you would like, please email them to me and I will send them out to others.

Rainbow in Falls by Linda LoCastroBegin Visualizing:

Humanity has awakened to the higher consciousness of the Power and Frequency of Love, Light and Truth.

Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy, Goodwill, Prosperity and Abundance have manifested for all.

The world has become "green" again and is flourishing.....there is sacred reverence for all life.

All women and girls have taken their places to bring about Peace in the world and sacred reverence for all influencing the men and boys in their lives so they all work in cooperation to maintain a peaceful, loving, compassionate, co-operative, co-creative world.

The children coming into the world and those who are already here are empowered to fulfill their purposes of bringing forth Peace, Love and Compassion.

Leaders in all areas of society have heart, are caring and compassionate, are spiritually aware, are visionaries, yet, are grounded, and make decisions for the good of all the people.

Governments exist for the good of all the people.

Businesses everywhere are ethically and morally owned and managed...safeguards are in place in all areas of hazardous working conditions...when and if accidents occur, retribution is made without question or hesitation for the good of all.

Healthcare is available to all.

All forms of healthcare and healing are recognized and respected and are offered as choices of treatment.

Our right and farmer's rights to produce food for consumption is protected.

Organic and herbal remedies are commonplace.

All celebrities, those in the public eye, those with a following are utilizing their positions and resources for the betterment of humanity.

All movie writers, producers, actors and actresses are making positive, uplifting movies that continue to raise humanity's consciousness.

All news reporting agencies have been re-oriented to bring forth positive, inspiring stories.

Accuracy in news reporting has been brought to new heights.

The conditions that led people to commit crimes have been alleviated so there are no prisons.

Diversity is embraced.

Peaceful co-existence exists.

The Peace Corps has been re-instituted.

Departments of Peace have been established throughout the world.

All You Need is Love
On December 7th, 2009 at 1:30pm GMT Starbucks invited musicians from all over the world to sing together at the same time to raise awareness for AIDS in Africa. In that one breathtaking moment, musicians from 156 countries played "All You Need is Love" together. Watch now, as musicians from all around the world come together and share a song.

An inspiratonal invocation celebrating those common ties that join us:
Love Compassion, Worship. You spirit will soar and your heart uplifted.

After decades of discussion, years of planning, and months of coordination and collaboration among hundreds of local, national, and international experts and organizations focused on the inter-related issues of peace and non-violence, plans have been formalized to establish the United States’ first National Peace Academy.  Click here to read more.

Congressman Kucinich on CNN about Obama and the Department of Peace initiative
Marianne Williamson talks about the importance of establishing a Department of Peace
Support the Peace Alliance at

The Cost of War from the National Priorities Project

Click here to take action

Imagine what else these WAR DOLLARS could do!

Sign the petition to defund the war

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator
Sign the petition telling Congress that about a million Iraqis have likely been killed and urging them to end this war now.

for more details

The Day After the Bombing of Iran
By David Swanson

Imagine yourself sitting down transfixed and watching video footage of U.S. bombs hitting Iran. You see children ripped limb from limb, mothers screaming and wailing, people panicked, tortured, traumatized, and killed. Imagine asking yourself at that point: What was I doing these past many months that I thought was more important than preventing this? Now ask yourself today: What am I doing that is more important than ending the ongoing hell of the U.S. occupation of Iraq?

Watch the video and TAKE ACTION

The Folly of Attacking Iran: Lessons from History
Click Here to Take Action

The Dog...  The Cat... and The Rat
If they can get along, why can't we?

Visit Humanity Ascending

World Unity Day

Sign Petition to Establish a World Unity Day

This petition was started by Composer and Recording Artist, Kevin Reid.

Listen to Kevin Reid's
We Are One World Anthem

Tear It Down

Join this Amnesty International Project to Tear Down Guantanamo Bay!

Imagine Peace
See photos from the Walnut Creek, California Imagine Peace Vigil on Aug. 28, 2007

Valentine Peace Project Logo

Imagine a Valentine’s Day that is about love, peace and global unity as a growing possibility in today’s interconnected world. Participate in the Valentine Peace Project

Women Say No to War
Join the Call

The Iraq Veterans Memorial was conceived as a video project -- a place to honor the service members who lost their lives during the Iraq War.

By watching the video above, you will have
the opportunity to learn about these heroes
from those who knew them best --
their family, friends, and fellow servicemembers.
Each man and woman represented in the memorial
had attributes and qualities that made them unique,
but they all have one thing in common -
they were truly loved and
are deeply missed.

For more information visit: