Special Code to Bless Water, Food, Body, Plants...
Anything Animate or Inanimate
by Nicole La Voie


Nicole La VoieTwelve years ago, I ran across a paper explaining the 995 as Sacred Geometry Numeric coding designed to bless the food and (change) it vibrationally to that of the Christ Vibration. As our body changes and is filled with more and more light, the vibration of things we eat, drink and surround ourselves with will be more and more important as we become sensitive to the vibrations.

I applied the 995 to many things and it works most of the time (electronic ˜ not always). Since I work with water, I notice that whatever water I buy from the store, the water can be PURE, but the energy is not there. Just imagine how many times the water that is on the planet has been recycled. I found that by blessing the water with the 995, the negativity is remove(d) from it, then, the next step is to ask the spirit of the water to bring it to its highest potential.

By doing this you can bring ALL the water around you, bottle water, tap water, well water, river, lake, ect to its highest form. Our body is made up of over 70% water and the brain is over 90%. Just try it and taste the difference. You will bring your whole body to a better state even if you don't feel it. Give it to you(r) pets and your plants and watch.

Of course, you can also do the blessing to the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the house you live in, the car, etc. To do the blessing to a person or animals that have an imbalance can only help. Also I do the blessing when I see pictures of disasters. Everything we do to dissolve duality and bring the oneness is our prerogative as (a) child of GOD. Let's use it.

This ancient coding meaning is:

The first 9 means dissolving

The second 9 means duality

The 5 mean(s) the power of one

The clockwise circle is to reset the energy

How to do it Circle your food or water etc. clockwise 3 times and say 9-9-5. Do it clockwise only. Then, ask the spirit (or the energy) of the water, (food) to bring it to its highest potential.

That is it. Anybody can do it. It is a matter of choice and awareness.

Nicole La Voie is a French Canadian with a college background in Psychology and Philosophy, and 20 years of hospital experience as an X-ray technician. She is the founder and director of Sound Wave Energy, and has been involved in energy work since 1974. After having a near-death experience, Nicole became interested in the healing arts. She is a Reiki Master, and works with crystals, magnets, and frequency techniques. Read more about her and her work at

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