Photography by Carol
Welcome to my Photography Gallery

I live in Northern California and am surrounded by beauty. 
I love to take my camera as we walk the many hills & valleys around our home.
Each link below gives you a window into the paths I've had the
opportunity and pleasure to explore.

Newhall Park, Concord, CA

Mitchell Canyon, Clayton, CA

Heather Farms Park, Walnut Creek, CA

Mt. Diablo, Contra Costa County, CA

Vacation Photos

Second Honeymoon in Pacific Grove, CA

Northern California Coastal Redwood Forest
Washington, DC
Virginia Beach, VA
Exotic Zoo in Johnson City, TX
The Oasis Restaurant and Sculpture Garden in Lake Travis, TX

Beauty Above and Below

Roses and Other Flowers
Miscellaneous Photos and Art Experiments

Family Photo Gallery

Misc. Photos from 2008
Family Photo Slideshow (1966-2008)

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