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About Carol

Carol Hansen Grey is a visionary catalyst and social activist whose passion is to create a world of harmony and balance. She believes that can be achieved when enough people love themselves and are personally empowered. She helps people achieve that state through her books, her digital products, her personal empowerment coaching and through her graphic design and web development work. In 1995 she and her husband Victor founded Open Heart Press publishing company and published Victor's book which has become a cult classic: Web Without a Weaver: How the Internet is changing our future.


In 1996 she produced an audio tape of her Lighten Up Workshop (currently available as a digital download) and published the Lighten Up Inspirations Workbook and Journal (now out of print). For the next 10 years she and Victor traveled  around the United States and Canada teaching people the importance of loving themselves, exactly how they could achieve that goal and why loving yourself can lead to world peace. Over 5000 people experienced her workshops and she has sold over 20,000 Lighten Up recordings.

In 2007 Carol and Victor started teaching their Free Yourself from Fear Workshop (available now as a digital download and published their Free Yourself from Fear eBook (also available a digital download) You can purchase both products as a set for a special price here.

In 2009 Carol published her book: Simple Healing Tools on the Path to Personal Empowerment and Inner Peace available through Amazon. In this book Carol encapsulates her nearly two decades experience of teaching thousands of people how to love and empower themselves into an inspiring, easy-to-read guide.


Using a unique blend of storytelling combined with detailed descriptions of a variety of healing tools, Carol instructs and entertains as she shares her own personal journey using these Simple Healing Tools.

In 2011 Carol published her ebook: How Do I Love Myself: Learn a Magical 5 Minute-a-Day Process. In this 40 page "How to" booklet readers learn an easy process that teaches them why it's important to love yourself and exactly how they can achieve that state of self-love. he booklet contains detailed step-by-step instructions as well as many inspirational stories from the author and from people who have used the process to not only love themselves, but also to lose weight, to raise their self-esteem, to cure bulimia, to change their relationship with food, to heal physical ailments, to cure self-abuse, to end abusive relationships, and more.

In 2012 Carol published her ebook: How Do I Create Peace Within Myself and in the World. This book gives the reader two unique and powerful tools to help you reach a state of inner peace. You will also come to understand how important achieving inner peace is to creating peace inthe world. Both these tools are simple to use. The hardest part is remembering to use them? In Chapter 1 the author explains why it's important to pay attention to our thoughts and understand their power. Chapter 2 presents the first tool: a process called "Free Yourself from Fear" along with testimonials from people who have used the process. Chapter 3 presents the second tool: the World Peace Experiment, explaining how it began, how to participate and how world peace could be achieved if enough people used this very simple tool. Chapter 4 contains hundreds of inspiring comments from World Peace Experiment participants around the world. Chapter 5 describes in detail how to use the Free Yourself from Fear process. The last chapter contains links to Carol's websites and personal empowerment products.

In November 2017 Carol published her book Know You Are Loved: Inspirational notes to my daughter on her journey to recovery, rediscovery and self-empowerment available through Amazon as a paperback and as a digital download. It is a touching, graphically-illustrated, biographical memoir of inspirational quotes, coupled with the author's own motivational messages, that stress the importance of self-love and personal empowerment. The author made each of these messages into cards that she mailed daily to her daughter who had been court-ordered to spend nine months in a residential alcoholic/drug-abuse rehab facility. For the first few months in rehab, her daughter was not allowed to have any outside contact, with one exception: she could receive letters. Sending a daily inspirational message of love was the author's way of supporting her daughter during her rehabilitation and recovery process by letting her know that she was loved. This book explains the author's process and includes 230 inspirational graphics she designed.

Although these messages were specifically made for her daughter in rehab, each message has a universal appeal: that self-love is a necessary component of personal empowerment. It is hoped that this book will be an inspiration to everyone who needs to incorporate the self-love messages into their own life. It is also hoped it will inspire those who have a loved one in rehab or prison with ideas of how they can support their loved one through some simple reminders that they are loved and not forgotten. Simply being reminded of the love and support of family and friends can make a huge difference in their rehabilitation, recovery, and journey toward self-love and empowerment.
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