Projects Carol Supports


The initiative has transitioned from a United Nations sponsored 5th World Conference on Women an India sponsored  event in 2022. You can join the Facebook 5WCW Initiative to show your support for 5WCW-India 2022. The new 5WCW website will be available in the near future.

This international project, begun in December 1997, seeks 80,000 people to participate in a 100th Monkey experiment to achieve world peace by a change in consciousness. It costs no money and takes only seconds a day.

Our purpose is to work for a culture of peace through education, advocacy and community building. We are creating an organizing force that takes unfocused dissatisfaction with war and injustice and provides a more peaceful, sustainable and co-operative way to take that energy and create a better world

This non-profit NGO was founded by dear friend, Joyce Oneko. Its mission is to support the empowerment of the African girl child.

The Foundation for Inner Peace is a non-profit organization that publishes and distributes A Course in Miracles.

Clayton Valley Village is an inter-generational community of seniors and volunteers organized to help members remain active, involved and independent in their own homes. We are one of nearly 400 villages currently open or in development across the United States. Our official launch was May 1, 2017. We are overseen by our own CVV Task Force, all neighbors committed to creating a village in the Clayton Valley Community.