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Personal Empowerment Coaching


Carol has been helping people empower themselves for over 30 years. In 1993 Carol was trained as a emotional release body-worker and for several years her work with clients centered around using this process to help her clients release long held issues. However, in 1996 shortly after she released her Lighten Up tape, she shifted from the bodywork approach and began her work as an empowerment coach. She found that her clients wanted to go beyond the Lighten Up process and learn at a deeper level how they could change their lives. A few years later after Carol released her Free Yourself from Fear tape, her empowerment coaching took on a new and deeper dimension. Her clients were amazed at how quickly they could move through deeply embedded issues and begin the healing process. Several clients admitted that they had been in therapy for many years and that one session with Carol had helped them resolve issues that had not been touched in traditional therapy.

Carol uses her background as a Reiki Master Teacher, Free Yourself from Fear Consultant and Lighten Up Empowerment Coach to create a space of unconditional love during each session, whether on the phone or in-person. Carol's approach to helping her clients heal and empower themselves comes from a conviction that we are all one and that as she helps a client move through the healing process, Carol herself is also healed. Thus, every session is a gift to both her client and to herself as well.


I was slated to go into surgery for removal of a cancerous tumor. Needless to say, I was in a complete state of fear. A friend recommended a session with Carol. Following the session I felt calm and confident about the surgery and am pleased to report that the surgery was completely successful. I cannot be happier with Carol's coaching. It truly brought me into a state of personal empowerment by helping me transform all my fears. Thank you, Carol!

~ M.K., Pleasant Hill, CA

This is a belated testimonial for Carol's work. Over 10 years ago a member of our family was diagnosed with throat cancer and given 6 weeks to live. Carol gathered us together as a family and led us through the Free Yourself Process. We allowed every fear thought we each had about the diagnosis to come up and be transformed. The result: The cancer went into complete remission and our family member 10 years later is still with us leading a full life! I highly recommend this process for anyone who is going through a life-threatening challenge. Carol's work is truly miraculous.

~A grateful family in Walnut Creek, CA

I am a professional singer and had lost confidence in my ability to perform before an audience. Carol's coaching helped me identify and transform all my limiting thoughts and I am once again performing without any fear. Thank you, Carol.

~Claire - Happily Singing Again in Las Vegas!

Following surgery, my mother did not regain consciousness. Doctors told us she would probably need to be moved to a facility where they could care for her. My sisters and I called Carol who was mother's dear friend. We wanted her to do a Reiki healing and got permission from the hospital for Carol to visit her in Intensive Care. During Carol's visit the doctors called my sisters and me into the hallway where he again told us that she would probably never regain consciousness and that we should probably start looking into funeral arrangements. After the doctor left, Carol came out into the hallway as we were discussing what the doctor had told us. Carol brought us into the waiting area and said to us: "By believing what the doctor just said, you are putting nails in your mother's coffin. She is not strong enough to transform any fear thoughts -- she is depending on YOU to do that for her." Right then and there Carol led the four of us through the free yourself process. Within 2 days my mother was moved out of intensive care and into another section of the hospital. Within a week she was sent home completely healed. Carol's process and her loving devotion to my mother saved her life!

~Emogene's Loving Daughter, Walnut Creek, CA

I have had the privilege of working with Carol Hansen Grey on several occasions toward the end of what were some of the most difficult years of my life. She was  a huge light in a very dark night of the soul.  I had just come off several prescription medications that I believe were suppressing many of my family traumas that had not been fully realized until the work I did with Carol.  She helped me peel away years of family trauma. What happened was very miraculous and I know I couldn't  have processed any of it without her help. Thank you, Carol......the healing I had was very profound.

~MC , Phoenix, AZ

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