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Gather the Women Daily Messages

Message 7

Today Marks Day 7:
A Day of Gratitude and New Beginnings

by Carol Hansen Grey
Emailed March 9, 2003

Dear Gather the Women Participants:

I hope that yesterday was as powerful for you as it was for me. I had the honor and privilege of connecting with many of you through two conference calls and then in the evening at an outstanding event in Oakland, California where over 250 women came together to celebrate! In the standing room only hall, we connected with one another, shared our stories, listened to inspirational talks, danced to the African drumbeat of Afia Walking Tree & Spirit Drumz, enjoyed dramatic skits and the powerful poetry of Janice Mirikatani, and basked in outstanding musical presentations. We closed the evening with Electric Angel leading us in a rousing rendition of our Gather the Women theme song! It was a night like none other I've ever experienced!

Today, March 9, is Day 8 of our sacred week and marks the beginning of our work together to continue the momentum we've begun over the past 6 days.

On this seventh day may we all bask in the energy of gratitude for the healing that has begun during this historic week and move forward together from a new place of being--a place of empowerment, commitment to positive action, partnership, love, compassion and joy. This is the first day we begin living "harmony's way."

I invite each of us to give thanks for the connections we've made,
for the movement begun,
and for the steps we've taken toward creating a future
of peace and prosperity for all beings.

Beginning today, let us choose to be the change we wish to see in the world by:
Considering the consequences of our every act.
Choosing always to stand in the truth of who we are.
Connecting with other women who are making a difference in the world.
Committing to reach out to women who have not yet heard the call.
Cultivating peace within ourselves and with everyone we meet.
Creating the opportunities to enhance our skills and leadership abilities.
Crystallizing our passion for what makes our heart sing and offering that gift to the world.
Continuing our connection with the Gather the Women movement.

The Time is NOW.
The Women are Gathered
The Future is in our Hands!

Only Love Prevails,
Carol Hansen Grey
Executive Director
Women of Vision and Action

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