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Gather the Women Daily Messages

Message 4

Today Marks Day 4:
A Day of Connection
of Sharing and of Visioning

by Carol Hansen Grey
Emailed March 6, 2003

Dear Gather the Women Participants:

Today, March 6, is the fourth day of our sacred global women's retreat--a day set aside for connecting with other women to share our stories and our visions for a better world. As each of us places our vision into the global visioning circle being created today, be aware of the power of the process in which we are collectively engaging. When our visions become clear and are shared with others of like-spirit, a powerful energy is set in motion. If we stay attuned to that energy, our next steps are revealed.

Thus, tomorrow, March 7, we begin to make our visions manifest by collectively engaging in a day of purposeful action. On this fifth day of our sacred time together we each will consciously choose to take some action in alignment with our vision that will plant the positive seeds of change we wish to see blossom in the world.

Let us all speak up and take appropriate action!
Let us discover our voice
and the power of our words and actions
to create positive change.

The suggestions that follow are not meant to be a guideline for action, but intended merely as inspiration to get you thinking about what you might do to start the wheels of change moving.

We might start by:

  • Educating ourselves on issues relevant to our vision and brainstorming solutions with others of like spirit.

  • Monitoring the actions of our government leaders and taking the political actions at our disposal to create the type of change that is in alignment with our vision.

  • Supporting businesses with ethics and insisting on the same from our local, state and national governments.

  • Demanding products and solutions that nurture the environment and reduce dependence on fossil fuels and then choosing to buy alternative products.

  • Choosing to decreace our consumption of synthetic, modified foods.
    Joining (or starting) a citizen action group (many of these are now online)

  • Initiating a grassroots campaign to achieve the changes desired utilizing boycotts, petitions, letter-writing, phone calls and faxes.

  • Frequenting websites with conscientious information and action resources (soon to be available on the GTW website).

  • Participating in vigils and peace marches

  • Volunteering our time and talent to organizations that are in alignment with our vision.


We might want to take action in our own neighborhoods by observing areas that can be improved and taking steps towards that goal in whatever way is appropriate.
An action may be as simple as inviting a neighbor over for tea, or planting a tree, or more complex like starting a "neighborhood watch" group or enlisting a group of teens to clean up an empty lot to provide a space to plant a neighborhood garden or a safe play area for children.

We might want to take action in our own family by observing ways we can improve our relationships and then taking steps that are in alignment with our vision of creating a better world. An action might be to make a phone call to a family member just to let them know you are thinking about them, or setting aside time every week as family activity time and perhaps letting the children decide how that time is spent, or setting up a family circle time where each member of the family has the opportunity to share what is going on in their lives.

We might want to look within ourselves and observe where we are not at peace and take actions to move us toward achieving that state. An action might be to join a group of like-spirited, supportive women, or start a visioning or wisdom circle where participants share their stories, their passions, their visions, etc.

Let each one of us, on March 7, commit to taking at least ONE action toward achieving our vision, knowing that our action, no matter how small, will be added to the actions of millions of others who hold the same vision. This collective action is powerful beyond measure!

Thank you for joining us in this global action day and for your contribution to creating a peaceful, sustainable, balanced and harmonious world!

Only Love Prevails,
Carol Hansen Grey
Executive Director
Women of Vision and Action

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