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The Meaning of Personal Empowerment

I am a firm believer that when a group of people gather, there is much more wisdom to be harvested from those in the room than from the speaker who is presenting.  Therefore during an empowerment workshop that I facilitated some time ago, I asked members of the audience to share their wisdom in our exploration of Personal Empowerment.  We went around the circle and each gave a definition of what personal empowerment meant to them.  Following is the list I gleaned from my notes and I thought others might be interested in the wisdom that showed up in the circle:

  • Empowerment means the power to create your own path

  • Empowerment means moving toward a vision with grace and confidence

  • Empowerment is a vibration

  • Empowerment is living in harmony with oneself

  • Empowerment is connecting with your true gift and expressing your true self

  • We each come in with a song to sing and empowerment is opening ourselves to bring our song to the world

  • Empowerment is staying receptive, being open and letting go of limitations

  • Empowerment is stepping over the threshold to realize we can do anything

  • Empowerment is overcoming our fear of freedom

  • Empowerment is our ability to easily move into action or tap into the stillness that comes from within

Following is my personal definition of empowerment:

Empowerment is having the confidence and seizing the opportunity to be the true expression
of who we are at all times in all situations.

Only Love Prevails,


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