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Creating a Sacred Space

• Create a sacred space in your home where you can sit comfortably and quietly. Designate this space as your meditation space and use it exclusively for those quiet times when you wish to be rejuvenated and connected to Spirit. It can be as small as a corner of your bedroom.

• In your sacred space create an altar for a candle and other objects that are close to your heart.

• Keep a few sacred books in this space for inspiration and guidance and also a notebook and pen for journaling your thoughts.

• You may also wish to have a CD or tape player handy if music helps you relax.


Techniques You Can Use

• Breathe:  Consciously bring your attention to your breath. Respiration and Inspiration both have their root in "spirit". Use your breath to "re-spirit" your body and "in-spire" your mind.

• Light a Candle and begin to focus your attention on the flame, letting your mind drift into a quiet oneness with the candle.

• Invoke Spirit Through Prayer.  This can be as simple as asking to be brought into a state of peace and harmony.

• Read from a Sacred Book. This can help set the tone and inspire you during your quiet reflective time.

• Journal your thoughts in a notebook.

• End in Gratitude by stating (or listing in your journal) what you are grateful for in the moment.


Creating a Ritual


Your meditation time is YOUR time and there is no right way or wrong way to do it.  Use any of the techniques listed above or make up your own to create a ritual that is uniquely yours.  What is important is that you spend some time each day honoring your divinity and connecting to Spirit.

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