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Metaphysical Tools

to Achieve Inner Peace and Personal Empowerment

Over the years I have collected and used many tools that have aided me in my spiritual journey. In this section of the website, I share with you the tools I have found most useful. Some are listed below and others can be found in the sub-menu above. My hope is that you find these as useful as I have.



Meditate Daily, Even If It's Only for 5 Minutes


When we take the time to bring ourselves into a quiet sacred space with Spirit, we open ourselves to Grace  and unlimited possibilities.  Just 5 minutes a day can make a difference in how we move through our day.  Some meditation techniques are included below.


Add  Some Silent Time To Your Life Every Day


In addition to meditation, I suggest you take every opportunity to consciously add some silence to your life.  The world we live in is inundated with sound and noise and it's becoming increasingly more difficult to experience true SILENCE. Taking a walk in the woods is ideal, but not everyone has the time or the opportunity to do that.  So, I have found it helpful to create silent times during my everyday activities.  One of my favorite silent times is driving in my car.  Instead of turning on the radio or listening to music, I drive in silence and open myself up to my inner creative voice that can easily be heard when I consciously create the environment.


Begin To Eliminate Negativity From Your Life


A good way to start is by filtering your exposure to the so-called "News."  (Dr. Andrew Weil suggests going on a 2-week news fast!) The media sensationalizes and feeds us a diet of fear-based reports.  When we continually expose ourselves to this type of negativity, it begins to affect our attitudes about ourselves and our environment. An easy way to begin is to join the World Peace Experiment by agreeing to say "Only Love Prevails" each time you hear a negative report in the news or when you perceive a negative event occurring. This sends positive energy to a perceived negative event and also puts you in a non-judgmental observer role.


Sign up for the World Peace Experiment at It's free. It's easy. It takes only minutes a day! It will help you attain inner peace.  The outer is merely a reflection of the inner.  Peace in the world can only be attained when enough of us (critical mass) reach a state of inner peace. 


Start Using Your MUTE Button on Commercials


Become aware of the impact of "manipulative advertising" on your self esteem. No matter what they're selling, these types of commercials all have the same underlying message, "You are not good enough unless you buy this product".  This message is delivered directly to our unconscious with highly sophisticated techniques.  Use your "mute" button during commercials and limit your exposure to these disempowering messages.  


Pay Attention To Your Thoughts


Our thoughts create our reality.  Consciously start paying attention to any negative or limiting thought that crosses your mental screen and when you spot them, ask that they be transformed.  My Free Yourself from Fear booklet that explains this simple process in detail can be printed out at the following link: FreeYourselfFromFear-Online


Clear Yourself  Often


Use any method that works for you to clear yourself from negative or low energy.  The process I use is the Rainbow Clearing Process. Often we take on energy from others as we move through our day. Your goal is to stay in your own energy. The Rainbow Clearing Process can be used easily to remove energy that is not yours.


Develop An Attitude of Gratitude


An easy way to start consciously shifting into gratitude is by silently reciting a litany of things for which you are thankful every time something happens to upset you (i.e., I am thankful for my beautiful family, for my health, for my loving friends, etc.)  You will immediately find yourself lifted out of the limiting emotional energy of anger into a state of gratitude and grace.

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