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Rainbow Clearing Process

Without consciously realizing it, we often take on energy from others as we move through our day. I feel it's important to recognize this fact and to have a method to clear yourself of energy that is not your own. The process I use is the Rainbow Clearing Process. It can be used easily to remove energy that is not yours. I use it after every session with a client so that I am clear for my next client. I use it whenever I’ve been out shopping or in a large gathering. I also use it whenever I feel an emotion that seems to come “out of the blue” or whenever I’m tired for no apparent reason.

The purpose of the process is to get yourself back into your own energy.  Anyone who works with the public naturally takes on energy from others whether you’re a bartender, a beautician, a teacher, a banker, a retail clerk or a healer.  It is important to have a way to keep yourself clear.  This 2-step process is a very simple way to do that.

Step 1:  Visualize a rainbow colored shaft of light coming out of the sky into the top of your head and spreading throughout your body, filling every cell with rainbow light until your whole body radiates rainbow light. (This may take a minute or two in the beginning to visualize, but as your body gets acquainted with the process, soon it will take only a few seconds to fill yourself with rainbow light.)

Step 2: Choose for yourself a symbol of safety and protection and surround yourself with it.  Your shield can be anything — a powerful animal, an angel, a geometrical shape such as a pyramid or a sphere, etc. With your symbol in place you are now protected from taking on additional negative energy.

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