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The Magic of Oregano Oil

I was introduced to oregano oil by my yoga instructor, Laura Mullin. I was experiencing a sore knee, so on her advice I bought some and started applying it to my knee joint in the morning after my shower and at night before I went to bed. My knee pain subsided after a couple of days. I then started reading up about oregano oil and found that it has been used for hundreds of years dating back to the Greeks and Romans who used it for medicinal purposes to treat a variety of ailments. It is effective against bacteria, is a powerful antioxidant, helps cure yeast infections, reduces inflammation, treats foot fungus, helps alleviate sinus infections, and much more. Taken internally, oregano oil in capsule form is said to improve gut health and help protect against "leaky gut" by protecting the gut wall. Victor and I both added oregano oil capsules to our daily supplement routine.

A couple of weeks ago I was suffering with a very painful earache that radiated down into my jaw. I thought about how the topical use of oregano oil had healed the pain in my knee, so I thought it might work on my earache. I put a few drops of oregano oil on my finger tip and rubbed it on the inside of my ear and then rubbed a few more drops on the outside of my jaw. It was like magic. Within a minute or two all pain was gone!

Yesterday I got insect bite on my ankle that itched like crazy. I immediately reached for the oregano oil and rubbed it on the bite. The itching stopped immediately and today there is no sign of the bite. Oregano oil has become my "go to" first aid kit. I keep a bottle on my kitchen cupboard, on the vanity in my bathroom and even at my desk! It's not often you find something that is so effective for so many uses and is relatively inexpensive. You might want to get some to have on hand in any of the above described situations!

Of course, it's also GREAT to add to any of your Italian dishes!

Here's a couple of links for more information:

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