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Decluttering ... & the Urge to Purge

Denise Linn

It all started with a decluttering webinar presented by Denise Linn called "The Ultimate Clutter Clearing Challenge." She mentioned during the first session that one out of every 12 Americans rent an off-site storage space. These thousands people pay money each month to store their stuff... out of sight, out of mind!

To tell the truth, I really don't remember anything else she said during that webinar but that tidbit of informtion certainly awakened in me how I was one of those thousands of people who pay money every month to store boxes of STUFF that I haven't looked at in years and actually don't even know any longer what's in those boxes... yet, for some reason I had wanted to store them!

I convinced my husband that we needed to clear out our storage space and get rid of anything in there we no longer wanted. After all, we could save the $80/month we had been paying since 1994! So we decided to actually do the great PURGE. We picked a date to start our purging adventure. We pulled each box out of the packed storage unit, opened it up, decided whether or not it was something we wanted to keep or something we could let go of. The VERY FEW boxes we wanted to keep we put in our car to bring home, the other boxes we stacked to one side of the unit... these were the boxes we were going to have hauled away. We did a little process of blessing all the boxes we were purging and made an appointment to have everything left in the unit hauled away.

We hired our friend, Ernie Chalco to meet us at our storage unit. It took all of 15 minutes for him to load up his truck with the what was left in our storage unit and haul it away!

We are now free of this "extra baggage" we have been holding onto for years and we both feel lighter and freer as a result.

Thank you, Denise Linn, for the inspiration to finally let it all go! Thank you, Ernie, for the service you provide! I am grateful after all these years we actually followed through with our desire to let go of this storage unit!

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