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Octaves of Thought & Reaching Perfect Happiness

Victor and I have been meditating together every morning since 1996. Often during our meditation time we will take turns reading out-loud from a spiritual book, go into silence after what was read and then discuss what insights came to us during the silence. Recently we started re-reading an old book (written in 1934) that we had read many years ago called Ascended Master Instruction Manual (AMIM).  This book has had a great influence on our spiritual growth and thought process over the years and the walls of our meditation room are filled with affirmations gleaned from its pages.

We are finding that we are now reading the book from a different consciousness than when we first studied it years ago.  Every morning our meditation feels like a wonderful and enlightening journey. I was inspired to create the "Octaves of Thought" graphic several years ago after reading from AMIM. It is hanging on our meditation room wall as a reminder to pay attention to our thoughts. It depicts a spectrum of higher consciousness thoughts and lower consciousness thoughts.

Thought is the creative energy of the universe.  Whatever we dwell upon and think about, we create and attract to us. Therefore, it is imperative that we become consciously aware of our thoughts and determine where they are falling in the Octaves of Thought spectrum. When we find ourselves in the lower spectrum, it's important to take action to move our thoughts into the Light. Here is an excerpt from the Ascended Master Instruction that explains a process that you can use to raise the consciousness of your thoughts.

“The idea for the individual to follow is that when he feels some kind of disturbance and wants to turn to God, he may do the following: Get up and go through the motions of taking off a garment that one does not want and, as you would hold the discarded garment in your hand, drop it into the Consuming Flame and know that the disturbing element is consumed.
“Then fix the attention on God, the “Mighty I AM Presence,” with the Joyous Consciousness of feeling and receiving the Current of Happiness and Peace filling the mind and body. With a little practice in this manner, the Student will soon be able to come to the point where he or she can draw this great Happiness consciously and at will.”

Following is an excerpt that explains the alchemical property of Perfect Happiness.

“Happiness is God in Action. To be conscious of seeking Happiness is to be conscious of seeking God.” “Happiness is a powerful alchemy.  It is one of the most powerful purifiers of the human thought, feeling, mind, body, aura and world of the individual.”

Imagine what our world would be like if EVERYONE could raise their thoughts into the Higher Consciousness spectrum:

Happiness would abound and Peace would prevail!


(NOTE: Feel free to download the graphic for your own use. Simply Right-Click on your mouse and choose "Save Image As." Give it a name and save it to your computer.)

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