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Row Your Own Boat

This story comes from listening to one of Wayne Dyer's many tapes. He tells the story of playing Row, Row, Row Your Boat with his small children in their swimming pool. As he is singing it with them he comes to the realization that this is a very metaphysical song.

"Listen," he says. "Row, row, row, YOUR boat. Not your spouse's boat, not your kid's boat, not your friend's boat. YOUR boat."

"GENTLY," he says. "We're not being instructed to STRUGGLE, we are being told to be gentle."

"DOWN THE STREAM," he continues. "Notice, it doesn't say to row UP stream -- that would be a struggle. We are being instructed to stay in the flow and row DOWN the stream."

"MERRILY, MERRILY, MERRILY," he laughs. "We are being instructed to have fun, don't take life so seriously, because..."

"LIFE IS BUT A DREAM," he concludes. "Isn't it?"

This little bit of wisdom changed the way I do my life. I used to be one of those people who would set a goal and come hell or high water I would work toward that goal even if all indications were that I was rowing upstream. In fact, the harder it got, the more I would hang on, determined to carry on the struggle.

After listening to that story, I realized that there was another way. Now, every time I notice that I am beginning to struggle with something in my life I realize I am not in the flow. I look at what I'm doing and make adjustments to get back into the flow. This may involve using the Free Yourself process to transform some thoughts. It also may involve using the 5 chapter story to determine where I am in my process. It may involve surrendering and letting go. It may simply involve clearing myself.

When you notice that you are struggling, it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to give up your goal. It may mean that you just need to take a different path to achieve the goal. What is important here is to pay attention to your process. If you are not having fun and life has become a struggle, it's time to change course and get back in the flow.

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