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Sharing Love's Frequency: A Dolphin Story

Many years ago Victor and I drove down to Southern California to visit my daughter, Kris, and her family in Dana Point. We offered to take them on a dolphin safari we had heard about. We met at the harbor at the appointed time and were guided onto a catamaran. We were joined by another couple and their two grandchildren, ages 10 and 11, who had gone out the day before but had not seen any dolphins. It was the captain’s policy to give you another excursion free of charge if you didn’t see any dolphins. The children had been very disappointed by the previous day’s outing and were really anxious to see dolphins on this trip.

We headed out of the harbor. What a glorious day! The temperature was in the 70s, the sun was bright, the sky was blue and the ocean was pristine, like a shimmering blue crystal. I was thoroughly enjoying myself just sitting back and soaking up the energy of the experience. I watched the two children standing at the front of the boat straining to see any sign of dolphins. We were about five miles out and still no sign of dolphins. The children were becoming discouraged.

Kris taking photos of Dolphins

The captain said, “Well, even if we don’t see any dolphins, it really can’t get much better than this.” I had to admit it was peaceful and beautiful. But we had come to see dolphins, so I decided to try an experiment. Closing my eyes, I went into a quiet meditation consciously sending ripples of love radiating out from my heart as if I were dropping a stone into a pond.

With my eyes closed, I kept sending this love for about five minutes when I heard the captain exclaim, “There, look out there — there they are!”

Within minutes we were surrounded by literally hundreds of dolphins as far as the eye could see and some so close you felt you could reach out and touch them. They put on a great show, jumping and cavorting. It was simply amazing, and we all watched in a state of awe. The captain estimated that we were seeing about 500 dolphins and that there were probably twice that number below the surface that we weren’t seeing. His astonishment was obvious as he shared with us that he had never seen so many dolphins on one of these outings. “We are experiencing a rare treat, indeed,” he emphasized.

Dolphins as far as the eye can see!

The dolphins stayed with us for about 45 minutes and as the boat turned to head back for shore, they also turned and led us back for about a mile before dispersing. I felt truly blessed by their presence and the energy of the experience stayed with me for the rest of the day. This dolphin outing also helped me understand how we can attract truly magical experiences for ourselves and others by consciously sharing our love.

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