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The Magic Healing Power of Arnica

This is an incident that happened several years ago and made me a believer in the magic of Arnica. I was in a hurry and didn't see the cement parking curb as I got out of the car. I was wearing open-toed sandals and as I hurriedly walked toward the front of the car, the toe of my left sandal got caught under the lip of the cement parking curb causing me to lose my balance. As I began to fall, the top of my right foot hit the top of the curb causing me to twist my right ankle. I toppled and fell on my right side, skinning my knee, injuring both wrists, my upper right arm, shoulder and neck. My chin smashed into the sidewalk curb located about two feet from the parking curb with such force that it immediately began to swell and I feared I had fractured it.

Victor immediately ran around the car holding me for a few minutes before he gently helped me up and back into the car. We arrived home within a few minutes and Victor helped me into the house, up the stairs and into bed. I immediately took some Arnica pellets while Victor spread Arnica gel on all parts of my body where I felt pain. The big toe on my left foot was throbbing and a shooting pain was emanating from it up my leg. The toe was so sensitive that even the light pressure of a bed sheet on it was too much to bear. My head was throbbing and I felt disoriented. After lying down in bed my body began to spasm and I felt extremely cold. Victor gave me a Reiki treatment in the area of my heart. This stopped the spasming and helped warm me. I fell asleep almost immediately. Two hours later Victor woke me to give me more Arnica and I immediately fell back into a sound sleep. I slept for almost 12 hours.

When I awoke the next morning I was almost afraid to get out of bed but I had to use the bathroom. So I carefully swung my legs over the side of the bed and sat up. I then stood up expecting to be in a lot of pain. To my amazement I had no pain anywhere in my body. The big toe on my left foot had a minor cut but no swelling or bruising. The top of my right foot and my ankle were tender to the touch, but there was no bruising and I could stand and walk without pain. My right knee had a superficial abrasion and was warm and somewhat tender to the touch, but there was no weakness or pain and I could move it freely. When I looked in the mirror expecting to see a bruised face, to my surprise all I saw was a very light, barely noticeable bruise on my chin which was slightly tender to the touch. My wrists and hands were slightly sore but fully functional with no bruising. My neck and shoulder were pain-free.

The only major bruise I had on my body was on my upper right arm, an area that Victor had missed when applying Arnica after the accident. The bruise was large, about four inches in diameter, dark purple and painful to the touch.

I was able to function normally all day without pain or discomfort. I felt a little unsteady, more, I'm sure, from a psychological standpoint than from any physical weakness. My remembrance of the accident made it feel supernatural to be in such good shape after such a violent fall.

By comparison, the previous year I sustained a minor fall when I tripped on an uneven pavement and sprained my right ankle. I was unable to walk on my right foot for over a week and experienced pain for about eight weeks. My chiropractor told me at that time that if I had applied Arnica immediately after the accident, my ankle would not have bruised or swelled. Being in such pain at the time, I found that hard to believe. But I bought some Arnica all the same.

I am now a believer. This accident was many times more severe than the former sprained ankle but this time I applied Arnica gel topically and took Arnica pellets internally within minutes after the incident. The only area on my body that bruised was the one area where I neglected to apply the Arnica.

Arnica is a miraculous remedy that I feel should be a staple in every medicine cabinet and first-aid kit. I know I'll always have it close at hand! I hope this story encourages you to get some. It is available at health food stores, online, and at some pharmacies. No home should be without it!

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