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Why Use the Words: Only Love Prevails

Over the years we have gotten many questions and comments about the World Peace Experiment.  Some of those questions have revolved around why we use the words “Only Love Prevails” instead of other phrases.  Most people center their question around the word “prevails” but a while back I got a question about the use of the word “only”.  Following is the question as it was sent to me and my answer:

“I like the idea of your movement, but am wondering about the word “Only” in your campaign for positive thinking. I feel that the word “Only” is somewhat negative…. What do you think?”

My response:  We get a lot of questions about using the word “prevails” but we have never gotten a question about the word “only.” A Course in Miracles says that there is “only love” and since this process came out of one of our Course in Miracles meditations, I suppose that is why the word was used. I didn’t choose the phrase – it came to me in a meditation. I was actually quite surprised because this is not a phrase I would have thought up. I had never even used the word “prevails” prior to that meditation. But here is my answer your specific question about the use of the word “only.”

The dictionary defines the word “only” as: “Singly, as in “the only one or the only begotten Son of God.” Other relevant synonyms include: solely, exclusively, distinctively, nothing but, purely.” Those definitions seem to perfectly fit the intent.

And since I’ve got the dictionary out, I’ll include the definition for the word “prevails”: “To be widespread or current; to exist everywhere, to predominate, to prove superior in strength, power or influence.”

Again, the word “prevails” seems to also fit the intent of the World Peace Experiment.  So, when we say “Only Love Prevails” we are affirming our belief that “Nothing but love exists; that its pure, distinctive power is superior in strength and exists everywhere.”

Thank you for your question, your interest and for volunteering to participate in the World Peace Experiment. Together we are co-creating a world of peace where… Only Love Prevails. Carol


Click here if you would like to sign up to participate in the World Peace Experiment.

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